Venues & vendors rejoice,
the future of wedding booking is here.

A curated network of exclusive venues & vendors. A team of dedicated and experienced event consultants. And the most powerful online wedding tool... ever. All designed to grow your business and save you time. Welcome to Weddily.

The Problem


Customer Problem

Venue selection is cited as the Number 1 frustration in the wedding planning process. Clients lack the guidance and knowledge required to make an informed decision, forcing a shotgun approach to venue selection.


Venue Problem

Venues spend 50-80% of their time working dead leads. The client's confusion becomes the venue's burden, educating and hand-holding clients only to find they were unqualified all along.

The Solution

The world's most advanced venue discovery platform. solution-img
Augmented by a team of experienced wedding consultants. solution-img

The first and only end-to-end wedding booking platform

Not another venue listing site - Not another dead lead generator.

Attract, Educate & Qualify

We drive couples onto our network so they can discover your venue. As experts on your venue, we take on the client education burden - educating and financially vetting the client because your time is valuable.

Build & Book

We build a full budget and scope for the client, including all required 3rd party expenses at the start of the process, so there are no surprises later. We then seamlessly guide the client through your booking process.

The Result

When the Client is Ready to book we send you a complete,
qualified booking request
with all the relevant information in one place

~30 % + more bookings

Empowering the customer within an exclusive network.

50 % + more time

Eliminating the client education burden and saving you time.


The Cost

No out-of-pocket cost for venues
No membership fees
No subscription fees
No lead generation fees

Weddily only collects a small success fee once your contract has been signed and funds have been transferred. Ask your Weddily Consultant about preferred pricing terms.

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